Property Rehabilitation

Finding and rehabilitating a property in order to turn a profit can be a tricky business. But we can help every step of the way in order to achieve a profitable outcome. We have many years of experience not just in the real estate market, but knowing and understanding the Inland Empire rehab market in particular.

This experience helps us identify properties with potential for profit. We know how to assess each property and determine what will need to be done in order to ensure it sells for a profit.

In addition to helping locate a site, we know what code enforcement issues to look for that may cause unexpected delays or have hidden costs. We have the construction experience to help make decisions about what can be repaired or what needs to be demolished and replaced as well as the costs involved in those decisions. Every decision is important, from changes in paint colors to the type of wood flooring and quality cabinets and countertops. Each decision either helps or hinders the bottom line. So take the guess work out and lean upon our experience.

In terms of buying or selling, we have the legal and financial resources to make sure all paperwork is prepared and addressed to avoid unexpected costs. We can also help direct you to the right types of loans that are available and what is needed to qualify for those loans. When it comes to selling, we work with city planning departments to determine the sale price of projects so that they are sold quickly. Throughout the project our know-how allows us to accurately predict timelines, costs and ultimately the sale price of the project in order to see the largest profit possible.