Mission Statement

Our goal is to be an integral part of the process in building and improving neighborhoods in the Inland Empire, and helping families achieve the “ American Dream” of being able to afford their own home and in taking pride in that home by continuing to care for it. We strive to stay on top as leaders in this growing industry by continuing to maintain a high level of integrity in our work ethic.

Our Marketing Plan

Inland Investment Partners is committed to making its products and services available to a diverse population. One tenet that we hold strongly is that our customers reflect the community in which we serve. Our company is proud to have received the National Association of Realtors H.O.P.E. Award for success in serving a diverse market that includes all ethnic peoples and economic strata in the communities which we serve.

By signing up with us you get experienced builders and developers. We specialize in providing innovative, quality redevelopment and new construction services throughout Southern California, with our main focus being in Ontario and throughout the surrounding Inland Empire. We have also demonstrated extensive experience working with private for profit ventures to provide affordable housing. We have utilized many different marketing strategies which have proven successful.

  • Door to door
  • Open Houses
  • Database Marketing
  • Highway Billboards & Flags to draw attention to Open Houses
  • Commercial Media Radio & Community Contacts

Our commitment is to provide the highest standard of service to our customers, through accuracy in planning, and in making you a part of that plan, while staying within all regulations, government guidelines and city standards with honesty, accountability and attention to detail. Our goal is to maintain our customer relationship long after your project is complete, because we know that referrals from satisfied customers through word of mouth is what makes a reputable business . The owners of Inland Investment Partners have over 75 years of collective experience in marketing of residential real estate-primarily single family owner occupied properties. We have listed for sale over 8,000 properties in the multiple listing service. Of these, over 7,000 have successfully closed escrow and have been purchased by owner occupants.

Our Vision is to make a positive difference in our cities by rebuilding and rehabbing properties for the better, thus improving the look and feel of our neighborhoods and building pride in our communities. Our potential in this business venture of building and renovation allows our investors to participate in a methodology which allows monetary ($$$) assets to be sold back into the community. In other words, we want to help turnaround the massive inventory of foreclosed properties, now possessed by banks, back into the Real Estate market.

When You Invest With Us

We research and hand pick our properties which are in need of improvement and rehabilitation.

We evaluate the condition of said property and propose a budget for the anticipated rehabilitation work.

We are responsible for obtaining all required building permits, applications and inspections.