About Us

We began this business as curious entrepreneurs who identified our niche in the downturn of the real estate market. We recognized a need where we could get involved, and with a little ingenuity and hard work, could make a positive difference. What we noticed first were single family homes which required substantial reconstruction due to a significant amount of neglect in maintenance and deferred code enforcement issues. We started performing this work and can report that it has become rewarding as well as profitable. During the past 15 years, we have successfully completed over 600 projects in rehab renovation, redevelopment and new construction, resulting in substantial profits to investors and home owners. We possess over 75 years of collective experience in marketing of residential real estate, primarily single family owner occupied properties. Our contractors are licensed and dutifully obtain all necessary building permits, in order to provide a high quality of service, as we evaluate the property and determine the scope of work required.

Inland Investment Partners realize that when one is seeking to buy property for rehabilitation, it is important to follow a specific plan. The buyer, of course, is looking for a house that can be bought for much less than it will be sold for, once the rehabilitation work is complete. We have experience in moving you through this process to make sure clean up and repairs are completed in the proper order. There will be small repairs which come up along the way, and these need to be taken care of quickly so the project can continue to move forward. We purchase the home in our name and the investor puts in his money and is given a deed of trust and they are in first position meaning when the property is re-sold they are paid before anyone else. Our turn around time from acquisition to resale is 6 months. Let me know if you have any questions.